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Need ideas
« on: October 20, 2005, 05:30:45 PM »
OK, I understand that most of the questions here are about blocking sound from inconsiderate neighbors.  Well, we have very quiet neighbors, but one of them calls the police or comes over yelling and making threats any time my husband plays his electronic drum set, unamplified through the headphones (no external speakers hooked up to it, so all that's heard is the drumsticks hitting the rubber drum pads).  We live in ranch style apartments, nobody above or below us, and are on the end of the building.  So we share the long wall of our apartment with a sweet old lady who doesn't care about the drums, and the short wall with a great big somewhat unstable wrestler who really has it in for my husband.  We've tried to do everything possible to accomodate this guy, but he refuses to budge, and any time he knows that my husband is playing he calls the cops or comes over and yells.  

It just occurred to me today that he's probably hearing/feeling the sound through the floor.  It's a modular construction building, so between each module there are two 4" thick insulated walls.  The drums are in the middle bedroom that doesn't share walls with anyone's apartment, and our bedroom is between that and the neighbors apartment, so there are 16" of insulated wall between the drums and his apartment.  There's a crawlspace under the building, and I know it's not insultated very well.  I know that vibrations travel very well through these floors, because when our front loading washer is on spin things fall off of shelves in other rooms, the whole apartment shakes.

We are going to move the drums farther from this guy's apartment, as far as we can without moving them outside, but I was wondering if there is something more we can do to stop the vibrations from transferring through the floor and crawlspace.  Is there some kind of platform we can put the drums on that would dampen the vibrations, both of the actual sticks hitting the pads, and the motion of the bass peddle being used vigorously?  Heck, something that would keep the whole apartment from shaking when the washer is on spin would probably do the trick, and if I can get stuff to stop falling off of shelves when the washer runs too that would be fantastic, lol.

Any ideas?