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Soundproofing basement workshop
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:15:15 PM »
I am trying to decide the best way to soundproof my basement woodworking shop, and have a few questions.

1) Here is what I plan to do to soundproof the ceiling: I am going to stuff r13-r19 fiberglass insulation up against the floorboards in the ceiling leaving about 6-8'' of open space between the insulation and the bottom of the joices (sp?)I would then staple another row of fiberglass insulation flush to the bottom of the joices, leavign an inch or so between the insulation rows. Then I would physically drop the ceiling height by 6 inches with 2X4's and 2 X6's, basically lowering the joices 6 inches. then I would put a double sheet of 5/8 drywall on the newly lowered ceiling. (1st sheet screwed to wood, second sheet glued to first. There would be 3 layers of soundproofing to some extent in the ceiling, with a small open gap between all three layers

I IXXXXXXXXXI I     XX insulation
I IXXXXXXXXXI I     I I   joices    
I I..................I I     __ top sheet of drywall
I IXXXXXXXXXI I     --- second sheet of drywall
I IXXXXXXXXXI I     I I...I I open space between
I I..................I I
I I..................I I

and how much soundproofing do the walls need? I was going to do a 2X4 wall along the concrete basement walls, and insulate and drywall 1 sheet.

finally I have a ton of heat duct runs in the ceiling. what can be done to minimize the vibration and sound travelling through them? possibly remove a 3 inch section and connect them with a rubber gasket to stop the vibrations? I'm talking about the 5 inch or so round heat ducts btw..

I know this is a long post, but when your goal is to be able to use saws in the basement without bothering the family, it gets complicated.

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Re: Soundproofing basement workshop
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2005, 07:47:00 PM »
Those heating ducts will be a real killer in your efforts....

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