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Soundproofing Studio for vocals
« on: October 27, 2005, 08:05:02 PM »

I can see there arent many responds to most of the topics here so I'll give it a shot.

I built an 8x6 room in the patio that connects to one wall of the house and the others are exposed outside.  I've insalated it, put up the sheet rock and cauked it.  I'm at the  stage of getting sound proof and not sure what I want.

I most record vocals, play loud music and game very loud.  I made a hole in the wall and installed a fan and on the other side at the bottom by the floor I made a small vent.  Hopefully this will keep my from dying with no air.

My main problem is not knowing what type of sound proof I'll need to keep the sound in the room and the outside sound out.

I looked at and they recommended quiet barrier which is going to cost me $1,424.80 for 8 sheets of it which are 4x8, the same as the sheet rock.  I was thinking on putting these up after painting the room with acoustic paint.

Hopefully I get a response from someone who knows what they're doing.


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Re: Soundproofing Studio for vocals
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2005, 04:19:12 PM »
MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) for walls and ceilings gives you the most bang for your buck at (presently) about $1.50 a sq ft.  See

BJ Nash


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Re: Soundproofing Studio for vocals
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2005, 05:31:35 PM »
I don't understand that web site it doesnt make sense.  What am I actually paying for and how much of it?  I have a room thats 8ft long, 6ft wide and 8ft tall.  I don't understand how much I would need, the web site is confusing.