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David Best

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« on: February 20, 2006, 05:48:52 PM »
I currenty have a basment that i would like to sound proof certain areas from the upper floor. My basement is 10'+ tall, I was thinking of applying sheetrock then a drop ceailing, keeping a gap of about 1'-2' between the two. Would this work or do i need additional equipment or other ideas?


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Re: Basement
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2006, 01:21:26 AM »
Probably wouldn't work too well....  Better to put insulation in the floor joist cavities, mount 2 layers of sheetrock on resilient channels.  Or, if as you said, you've got 1-2 feet to play with, you could construct a false ceiling.  Take 2X6's, lag bolt them to each wall (a couple bolts in each wall stud, to be safe) to create a rim board for the new ceiling.  Then attach joist hangers for the new 'joists', also 2X6's.  R-19 insulation, 2 layers of sheetrock and you're good to go.  No need for resilient channels, as you already have much better decoupling with a separate ceiling.  The bigger the airspace, the better the noise control, but I'd only go 1 foot.  2 is probably overkill.