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Alaine Perry

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Impact Noise from Party Wall
« on: November 09, 2005, 10:52:25 PM »

I own a 30's row house with plaster walls and (I believe) brick between each row house.  I thought the brick would provide good sound insulation, but this has not proven to be the case.

The problem is my bedroom.  I get some airborne noise from my neighbor's bedroom on the other side of the wall (usually from their tv), but as I can block this out with earplugs it isn't a huge concern.  

The big problem is that their kitchen is directly below the bedroom that adjoins my bedroom, and I am getting a lot of what seems to be impact noise from their kitchen cabinets, which are mounted on the party wall.  It is amazing how audible it is -- at first I thought they were moving furniture around and banging it up against the wall, but then I realized that they were actually unloading their dishwasher and putting plates etc. in the cabinets.  But the worst thing is when they slam the cabinet doors -- this is sometimes loud enough to wake me even with earplugs.  

I have hardwood floors in my bedroom, and the house is constructed with no subfloor -- the hardwood planks are laid right onto the floor joists.  So my guess is that the impact is going from the cabinets to the wall to the floor joists and then being projected up through my floor.

Two questions:  

1)  Does this sound like the correct diagnosis?

2)  Is there something I can do on my side to fix or at least reduce the problem?  Would putting sound insulating material on the floor and then covering it with carpet help much?  I have radiators, so I couldn't use anything too thick, and there would have to be holes in the covering for the radiator to come through.

I have thought about asking the neighors to add door bumpers and rubber liners to their cabinets, but I suspect that they would not be cooperative and might even respond by intentionally increasing the banging.

Changing bedrooms is not an option, because the other bedroom is on the street and has even worse noise problems.

Any tips would be most appreciated!