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John Smith

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Water Heater Noise
« on: November 07, 2005, 08:42:11 PM »
I got a new water heater that the burner makes loud low pitched noises, and rumbles.  BTW the old one didn't   :(.  It can be heard in every room of my home.  I was thinking of trying to sound proof the closet it's in, which is on the main level of a 1 story house, but I don't know if my efforts will be worth it.  I was going to cover 2 walls, the back side of the door and the floor with mlv.  The room doesn't need to look great, just work.  I don't want to destruct any walls or put up new drywall.  I am far from being a pro, so it will not be airtight.  Also, I can only go to about 8 feet high and not get the ceiling.  Because of these issues,  will the soundproofing attempt be noticeable?  Is there a cheaper or better material than mlv to try for this project? Thanks.


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Re: Water Heater Noise
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MLV is a great sound barrier material. In the case of the small room with the water heater in it, suggest your looking into Closed Cell Vinyl Nitrile sound absorbing foam. The thicker the better for sound absorbtion.