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Basement Soundproof Room Construction
« on: November 14, 2005, 05:32:09 PM »

I've been busy the past week building a downstairs soundproof room and office.

I've just got a couple of questions as to what the best solutions would be.

Basically, the room is about 16m², maybe a bit more. The outside ground level in the first photo is about 5 inches below the window sill - the rest of the wall is underground(ofcourse!). Then, from the road there is a driveway on an incline down which leads to the back of the property, and to the garages, which is the gound level in the room (make sense?)

The wall's been freshly plastered and will be painted with waterproof paint tomorrow as there are a few damping problems. After which I was planning on putting some thermal/sound deadening fibreglass on the wall, and building another single brick wall over this (with about a 2inch gap) - good idea?

A thick curtain will be draped over this wall in the end and a second window with insulation will most probably be installed. The neighbouring walls will be left alone for now (i have no pity for the neighbours ;) ), but are about 25cm thick brick walls with plaster and paint on my side.

The newly constructed wall is a double brick wall. Original I requested the builders leave a 2 inch gap between the 2 layers of bricks but does anyone listen? Language barrier here in South Africa can have it's disadvantages.

Anyway, I have many bricks left over so I was thinking of building another single wall on the outer side of the room with the 2 inch gap (maybe bigger would be better???). Is this a good idea? What else could I do to better soundproof the walls?

Drywalling is an option, but I have no access to resilient channels and the like so how else could I mount it? Also, I would have a really hard time finding MLV and similair materials here in SA and shipping/customs charges from overseas are quite high, so what could be used as a substitute?

Any help will be very appreciated!

Pictures might be a bit big to include in the post so here are links.