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EXTREME dump truck noise
« on: November 09, 2005, 04:44:59 PM »
Help!  I live on a 2 lane county road in the supposedly "rural" county of Hunterdon in NJ.  Within days of moving in 6 years ago I found out that it is the major route in the county for huge, loud, rumbling construction dump trucks to travel back and forth on from about 4:30am every day (including Sat. & Sun.)  until at least 7pm in the evening.  

To make matters worse, our house is at a 2 way intersection where traffic must come to a stop from 50mph and then start up with the trucks having to shift through all of their gears the entire length of our property to continue moving on down the street.  (I believe this is because there is a school next to us and they want to slow the traffic down before it reaches the school.)

In any case, I cannot even describe the way our house rumbles all around us as the dump trucks and other truck traffic as well come to a roaring, rumbling stop directly in front of the house and then start up again.  Our house is deceiving.  It is about 100feet from the road with huge pine trees in front of it as well as a 6ft. wooden fence and it looks quiet and very private to most people who see it.  

I'm pretty sure there isn't much I can do to rid myself of this nightmare of noise that has grown steadily worse each year (usually at least 1-2 trucks roar through every 30 seconds to 1 minute.)  (other then move away which we are not quite in the position to do just yet).

Anyway, I think we just made the biggest mistake we could have made (at least for my sanity).  Our house was covered in old aluminum siding with an 1/4 inch white styrofoam for insulation.  The siding was in pretty bad shape and we are trying to make the house look better so we can sell it at some point.   We just had it re- :osided with vinyl siding like everyone else has, and had the windows across the front of the house replaced with vinyl windows (low-e, argon, foam filled etc.).

I am now thinking that the aluminum was better at blocking the rumble of the trucks (not much but maybe a little?), because it actually seems much worse--or perhaps it is the windows.  They seem to block out the higher pitched sounds outside but not that horrible rumble.  One of the original windows replaced was a wooden Anderson bay window that apparently was installed incorrectly and used to let in alot of noise--the other one was an old wooden window that had 2 standard double windows with storm windows and a solid picture window in the center.

I almost wish I had the old windows and siding back, though it was pretty bad even then.  I don't really have too much money to invest in any major soundproofing after spending over $12000, but does anyone have any thoughts on how to make the situation even a little more bearable?

I have another question related to  the recent work done on our house, but I see this message has already gotten too long--so I'll save it or can I call for advice?

Thanks for listening!



PS:  We haven't sealed around the new windows yet or replaced the moldings, do you think that will help at all?


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Re: EXTREME dump truck noise
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2005, 05:41:01 PM »
I, too, live in "rural" Hunterdon County, NJ.  I recently moved from overcrowded Bergen County hoping to find some peace and quiet.  I purchased a very nice house about two hundred feet from County Rd. 513.  I must admit that I did not expect the level of truck(and loud motorcycle exhaust) noise to be so pervasive!  I suspect that with former farmland in this area becoming so valuable for development, construction is proceeding at a fever pitch.  Hence, all the dump trucks and other construction equipment.  

I are researching ways to make my windows more soundproof, mainly by adding another inside window made of acrylic or glass.  However, I don't expect a complete solution to the noise problem to be found by doing that.  I plan on attending a town meeting and make an attempt at encouraging stricter enforcement of existing noise ordinances.  This being a former farming area, I suspect that there are a lot of pick-up truck lovers who enjoy their deep-throated exhaust systems and don't mind noisy dump trucks, leaf blowers, and motorcycles.  My town has become a haven for motorcycle touring groups and I enjoy their visits; except when they arrive with LOUD exhaust systems.  Then they are not only disturbing, but illegal as well.  Noise pollution is becoming worse with increased traffic and lax or no enforcement of existing noise standards.  The noise level I now experience is much worse than anything I heard while living in Bergen County!

Good Luck!