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freeway noise
« on: December 14, 2005, 01:24:43 AM »
I've read most of the posts and, by now, am thoroughly confused. Our 2nd floor bedroom gets freeway noise that keeps me awake a night. Unfortunately, I can't wait 10 more years for the trees I've planted to mature and block some of the sound. Here's what I'm considering. Any advice?
1. Replace the dual-pane windows with sound-proof ones. (Seems like this gets mixed reviews on effectiveness).
2. Purchase sound-proof foam and put it in place at night. (We like the windows open in the day and my wife isn't too excited about storage).
3. Add soundproof windows. (The question then becomes interior/exterior?).
4. Build a deck off the bedroom and add plexiglas walls to save the view and to deflect the sound in the hope that it also quiets the bedroom (expensive, but then we have an additional family space).


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Re: freeway noise
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2005, 05:59:53 PM »
Been doing a lot a lot of research on a similiar issue, and my advice is as follows:

1. Trees. 10 years. Don't bother. They are not going to do anything to stop noise. (Vegetation fifty feet thick drops dbs about 1-3 points maximum, and I doubt you have that kind of forest between you and the cars.)

2. Deck would be a great idea, except that sound curves around walls, so the sound wall needs to be considerably wider than the house.

3. Windows. Probably your best bet. Just do some serious googling research for answers.

4. Foam blocks. Humm. Sounds like prison conditions to me.

One thing to consider, rather than blocking noise, cover it. Meaning, a fountain of water. I was amazed at how much it changes the dynamic of a room suffering from traffic noise. Just do some on site research as to the best water fountains for sound. I personally like the sound of water into a big metal wash basin. Really fills the room. And really works well.

Also, consider checking out my post "Thinking Sound Barrier? Helpful Links Attached.."

About seven posts below this one.

I wish you much luck. -AB