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Author Topic: Poor soundproof window/door performance  (Read 4306 times)


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Poor soundproof window/door performance
« on: November 30, 2005, 08:32:15 AM »

I'm up a tree.  I recently purchased/up front paid for an 8' sliding door unit and a 2x5' window insert from SPW.  Both units were retrofitted (2+" inside the existing double pane units) by a licenced contractor (ie a screwdriver and cauking gun/370# Fed Ex package were too much for this handy old timer.)

The claim of 50-90% incoming noise reduction was what sold me.  I/we've complied with the installation instructions.  A rep visited the site after I informed them (complained) that with units maybe reduced the incoming road noise 20-25%.  The rep pretty much heard what I did.  Anyway it is still a bummer to be awaken @ 4 am by the construction trucks/diesel 350s going up/coming down the hill we live on.

I put a stop on the payment...would be happy to pay/settle for the 50% noise reduction figure (release payment, that is.)  The firm says the units are mine: release the payment or court.  I purchased the units ($2100+450 installation+240 freight) in good faith..did not sign anything that I'm aware of that resembled "no returns."  

Bottom line: the units are not performing @ 1/2 of the minimum noise reduction touted-represented.

Two Q:  1) Has anyone had a similar problem situation/any advice re what to do/not do?

2)  Do I start from scratch/de-install the original units//replace with Milgard units or ????  Help.

apple  :-[

Chris Petersen

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Re: Poor soundproof window/door performance
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2005, 06:27:36 PM »

I am still waiting on my door from SPW!!!! I had paid in full but after waiting 3 months they agreed to give back 50% of my deposit until delivery.
My noise situation is not that bad so any improvement  will be worth it, if only they would deliver the darn thing. I have to say it is very unprofessional  that the SPW salespeople do not come out to make the measurements themselves, as measuring a large door was not easy and required several calls with the guy who was making them.