Author Topic: Noise from Above and Beside in 3-level townhome  (Read 3481 times)


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Noise from Above and Beside in 3-level townhome
« on: January 08, 2006, 05:20:54 PM »

I have been reading quite a bit on reducing sound from above, but my problem is sound from above that is actually from the unit next to us.  We have a 3 level townhome that shares walls with 2 units, and one unit is very loud when it comes to stomping on the stairs, floors, kids running around, etc.  

I live in a small association, so I doubt anyone would assist us in making the evil person next door install carpets or modify her behavoir (I have begged her, and she slams her door in my face).

At this point, it is only unlivable when she has her family down, which is pretty frequent .My biggest fear is if she sells, or something happens that has her family there all the time.

Bottom line, we like the area, the view, and just bought less than 2 years ago, so selling is a dreadful thought.  Is there anything effective that can be done in our unit only to deadening this noise?