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Shared wall in apartment
« on: February 28, 2005, 03:27:55 PM »
Is there an inexpensive solution to soundproofing a wall in an apartment ????  Without actually tearing down the wall !!!


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Re: Shared wall in apartment
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2006, 04:09:32 PM »
Inexpensive is relative.  For some a few thousand dollars to enjoy peace and quiet is invaluable.  If your budget is limited you may want to consider creating your own soundproof curtains using MLV.

Here is what you do:

Buy a grommett kit from your local Home Depot.

Install 4 grommetts equally spaced across the top of a 4' or 4.5' wide sheet of MLV that is equal in length to the height of your wall.

Install heavy-duty screws or picture hangers with a load capacity between 20-30 lbs each.  The spacing must equal the spacing of the grommetts.

Hang your soundproof curtain over your wall and voila...enjoy the sound reduction.

Now then, if you're adventureous enough to take the next step then conisder adding two layers of the MLV.  If you do make sure you stagger the wall mounts to overlap the MLV.

Using the MLV with closed cell foam will further enhance the quality of the soundproof curtain since the closed cell foam will dampen vibration from the wall.  Place the closed cell foam against the wall and the MLV towards your room.

Check out the MLV spec:

You're looking at approximately $50 per 4' x 8' MLV curtain.