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Marilyn Barron

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Band Practice in a storage room
« on: January 23, 2006, 11:10:27 AM »
Hi. My fiancee and his band recently acquired a new practice space. Due to various issues , practicing any where else is not an option. They are a loud rock band, and they were informed when they rented the room, that they would need to soundproof it. >:( The owners of the building suggested matresses and egg crate foam, but I have heard this does little to nothing (and can even create some dangerous situations :o!) They are looking for a way to almost completely deaden this space as cheaply as possible. One BIG problem... the walls are aluminum and there are large gaps (6"-1') at the top of the walls that open into the connecting spaces on either side. Drilling holes/stapling things to the existing wall is not an option. Can you tell me what would be the easiest removed and cheapest option for almost complete deadness? Thanks!  ;D