Author Topic: Soundproofing a vocal/acoustic instrument recording booth  (Read 3119 times)

Ken Crosslin

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Soundproofing a vocal/acoustic instrument recording booth
« on: March 31, 2001, 07:29:18 PM »
I have a small studio in my home. The majority of the instrument recording I do is all keyboard and synthesizer-generated (including drums and percussion) and run directly to console, therefore I don't need any soundproofing. I am planning on building a booth for recording vocals and acoustic instruments (guitars/fiddles/mandolins,etc). I hear about vinyl being used as soundproofing and was wondering about the possibility of using old vinyl records as such? I have about 3 cases of some old singles left over from a recording project done a few years ago. If it's possible to use those, maybe with some other materials, such as foam or something, it would be a big money saver! This booth will not be very large at all because it will just for myself and maybe one other person. Please advise on this, including best material for framing the booth. Thanks!