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Olly Fallon

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Playing guitar in 1st floor flat
« on: February 14, 2006, 12:59:53 PM »
Hi there

I previosuly had a flat above a shop. After the shop closed I could play guitar or listen to music as loud as I liked. It was great.

I have now moved into another flat. there are neighbours to either side and somone below.

I have never heard the neighboutrs either side. I would guess the walls are quite thick but I can even hear the guy cough downstairs.

I'm not too fussed about hearing his TV etc but it makes me think that if I can hear him that clearly then surely if I play guitar he will hear this. I have to literally put my amp on it's smallest setting and i'm worried that this is too loud.

I really need to play guitar louder. I have one room that is pretty much a box room which if i could soundproof it a bit then maybe i could just use this room for playing. Building a room in a room here is not possible as its such a small room aleady. this room has only one external wall with  the internal walls simply stud work into other rooms in the flat.

I believe that the main sound is coming from perhaps through the wall cavities? alternatly it could just be the floors although they are concrete.

Another issue I have it that I would prefer not to have rip up carpet that is under 4 months old that I paid a lot to install. If I have to lay something on the floor is is ok to just leave this carpet in place?

I'd really like to get this rooms soundproofed but have little or no idea of what i would ahve to do so any suggestions would be welcomd.

I am in the UK so any places that sell the gear I need would have to be located over her as well!!

Many Thanks