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Using Drapes
« on: February 20, 2006, 08:47:20 PM »
In an apartment I had in the past, I used 1/2" super soundproofing foam glued onto 1/2" plywood boards to block the windows completely. That worked well, but I kind of wanted more.  In my apartment in the future, I am considering buying one of the drapes available from this company. I wondered how the room-wide drapes would work - it would seem like they would be heavy, and I don't have any really room-wide curtain bar to fasten them on.  I figure this may be a good alternative to putting black foam all over the walls. I think that would be kind of weird and tough to do if you're renting.

(by the way, don't use rubber cement on the foam/plywood combination if it's open to the air and you just put the cement on a day ago - it smelled like rubber cement fumes for a while. There was at least the first day where the rubber cement smell was pretty bad. )