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General questions
« on: February 28, 2006, 03:45:27 PM »
Hi all,

       I'm new here, and felt I had been given a true miracle as I stumbled across this board! My daughter is diagnosed Autistic, and we're in the middle of a nightmare trying to figure out what to do for her-FAST. She bangs her head due to her hyperacusis, and we're looking into moving or having work done on the house with soundproffing materials. Has anyone had any luck with the Owens Corning soundproofing? We thought of doing the basement for a safe place for her to go. My biggest dillema is-does the sound come through the vinyl on the first and second floors (we live off the busiest street in the city and the traffic is horrific) or would sound proofing the windows help to a great extent? Obviously other household noises aggravate her, but if we could be sure how to make this house livable without wasting money, we'd go ahead instead of moving. Has anyone heard of any device to measure sound or frequency level? If I could purchase such a thing, I'd like to if we move.  Many thanks ahead of time, and Best Wishes~ Joan-Katie's moom


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Re: General questions
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The biggest trick to Owens Corning is actually getting them to tell you how to buy the stuff or giving you a valid number for a contractor that can do the work.  I've been to their website and I think their system is slick, I just can't find a way to buy their products... Interesting marketing strategy they have there!
Maybe you'll have more luck.
You can buy a basic sound level meter at Radio Shack for about $60, and I'm sure get a more advanced one online for hundreds, at least.  
Sounds like you could soundproof the basement the easiest.  Doing the whole house will cost some serious $$$.