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Desperate dog owner needs solution

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Sarah Houtos:
Long story short, my dog is a barking maniac when I'm at work all day. The neighbors hate him, he goes on for hours and they are threatening to get me evicted.

I won't get rid of the dog so that option is out, but I was thinking there has to be some way to keep them from hearing his barking.

I already have a cover for his crate, and I was wondering if there is a flexible, lighweight material that I could put into the panals of the crate cover that would help block the barking sound?

Like I said, I'm desprete so even if this is a silly question I hope you'll humor me. One behaviorist, and several dog trainers later the little begger still barks. Any help or seggestions would be appreciated.

unless you put your dog in an airtight box that's been soundproofed there's nothing you can do that way.

your dog has some "issues" of abandonment, that's why the barking. I would suggest trying one of those collars that spray a little jet of water when the dog barks. that might work. otherwise, move.

your dog just bark's when your away, when you got him in the cage leave a tv on or a radio on so he hears voices. that might stop him from barking so much

Sounds like your dog is bored, and has abandonment issues, although I can't really blame him/her! Some dogs are bred to bark more as owners/hunters would lose quieter dogs in fox holes, under shrubbery, etc. on a hunt if they did not bark. Some breeds therefore are much barkier than others. Why not get him a partner? Dogs are pack animals and leaving one alone all day is to me, cruel. I have two and they play and occupy each other all day when I'm at work. My neighbors have no barking complaints. One IS barkier than the other, but she's a hunting hound. Try to get a breed that is known not be be "barky" and try it out. My two (150 pounds between them) used to stay in a very large kennel when I was at work, for the first year I had them. Now I can trust them home alone in the house. I got my "big guy" a pretty little girl to play with and they've bonded so well. He/she needs a ""pack member" as pack leader is gone all day.  :) XM

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BJ Nash


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