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Tim Maffia

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Exercise Machine
« on: March 22, 2006, 03:36:03 AM »
Trying to cut down/eliminate the sound of a exercise machine (Ski machine) getting to the apartment below. Machine sits on a carpet and pad and assume the floor is fairly standard. Can't remove carpet or anything serious like that. Also machine is near a window so whatever I do it needs to be stable so people don't go flying through the window.



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Re: Exercise Machine
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Can't go flying through the window, huh?  Picky, picky, picky...

Well, the airborne noise from your exercise machine you can't really eliminate.  I don't know how loud it is, but they still may hear that.

The structure-borne noise you can reduce.  Buy yourself an underlayment product (like the MLV + foam sold on this site), then put a 3/4" piece of OSB/Plywood on top of it.  Glue them together if you want - makes them easier to move and they act as a single unit that way.  Naturally, cut the underlayment and wood down to match the dimensions of your machine, plus a foot or so extra on the sides, front and back.  The wood will spread out the weight over the whole surface so you won't rock or sway back and forth or feel like you're 'walking on a sponge'...  

And since you have carpeting (and presumably, a pad underneath) you might be able to just lay the wood right down on the floor and get a lot of vibration reduction that way.  As long as the weight is spread out...

Or maybe something like this on top of the wood...'x4'

Vibration pads will help reduced inpact noise, see