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Building Window Plugs
« on: April 03, 2006, 09:28:25 PM »
I plan on building window plugs to block airborne sound transmission through the windows of the room my band will be practicing in. I have found several descriptions of what these plugs should be like and how to build them, but none of them made sense to me.

Basically, my plan is to create a rectangle with good airborne sound barrier properties to it, and affix it in a removeable and airtight fashion to the interior of the window.


Should the plug cover the entire window, or fit within the sill itself?

To create an airtight seal, I planned to use closed cell foam. Is one foam better than others for this purpose? Do I need to cover the entire window side of the plug with foam or just around the edges where it will contact the wall and/or sill (depending on the answer to the first question.

If it would be better to create a total covering rather than a plug that sits in the sill, what would be the best (removable) way to hold the plug in place over the window opening?

In constructing the plug, I imagine that I will be sandwiching various layers of plywood, mdf, mass loaded vynyl or other materials. Please make suggestions as to construction and materials.



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Re: Building Window Plugs
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