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Building a Vibration Isolating Riser
« on: April 03, 2006, 09:21:54 PM »
I am planning to build a riser for the drum kit that will raise it up off the floor and insulate the floor from structural / impact noise created by the kit in use. I need suggestions on materials and instructions for building such a riser. Here is my basic plan:

create a platform out of a sandwich of some combination of plywood, glue, mass loaded vynyl, foam, mdf or other materials as reccomended.

support this platform on some kind of vibration isolator feet... Maybe those little neoprene nubby jobs? Any better suggestions?

SO, if you have a better idea for how to construct such a riser, please post it here. Some questions:

How important is it that the platform absorb or block airborne sound from the kit? If blocking airborne sound is unimportant to the purpose of the riser, then what is the cheapest/lightest/most rigid/appropriate material to construct the platform from?

What are the best vibration isolators for this riser?

What about risers for guitar and bass amps? Any suggestions on materials???