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Vinson Valega

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rehearsel space in basement
« on: April 07, 2001, 03:46:31 AM »
Hi there!
I'm building a rehearsel space in a concrete basement in a commercial building in New York City. I am building three walls, using an existing exposed brick wall as the fourth. The ceiling and floor are both cement, as well, and I'm choosing not to sound proof either right now (the space above is my wife's studio).
The walls consist of: two layers of dry-wall over one layer of homosote over the metal studs with SAFP insulation in the middle (and repeated on the other side). Should I still use the resilient channels method on one or both walls, and should I worry about sound escaping thru the ceiling and being re-circulated back into the basement?
p.s. We're caulking everything, even as we lay the homosote onto the metal studs, but have not placed the walls on neoprene underneath them...