Author Topic: Road noise - HardiPlank make a diff? (& more ?'s)  (Read 5966 times)


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Road noise - HardiPlank make a diff? (& more ?'s)
« on: November 29, 2006, 03:23:03 PM »
My house is 1 story, long/rectangular from bird's eye, with 3 sides brick, and the 4th (short) side is the back of the house, completely HardiPlank with wood trim around windows, and that side faces a new tollway.  During morning rush hour it gets pretty loud and my bedroom has 2 35x70 cheap double-pane windows spaced 7" apart on that back wall.  I'm wondering if Milgard makes a 35x70 and if it's worthwhile to replace the windows or if the HardiPlank a possible problem?  My main problem is the truck noise (sounds like jets), and it is most noticable in that bedroom.  The house is elevated somewhat from the fence (top of fence would probably be 3-4ft from the house floor) and there is an open wooden deck outside, if that matters.  I'd estimate the road is 50-100yds away, no sound wall (yet - hoping).

Thanks for any advice.   :)


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Re: Road noise - HardiPlank make a diff? (& more ?
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2006, 12:31:03 AM »
Hi daga 480,
The best way to find out if Milgard makes a window size you need is to call the phone number for them accesible from this link  The fence you describe is too low to block or deflect any of the sound from the roadway.  Have you considered an acrylic barrier around the deck?  Once you get the windows and outside barrier/deflectors worked out you will have a better idea whether you need to add soundproofing to existing walls.