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Noisy Neighbor AC
« on: June 25, 2006, 07:29:14 PM »
Hi, I live in a ranch style condo adjoined to another unit. The nosie from the neighbors AC is unreal. They run it ALL the time even in cold weather. The longer it runs the noisier it gets. It never shuts off unless the line freezes. This place is about 4 years old. The noise was not a problem with the old neighbor who did not run it non stop.
The unit is on the ground level of a walk out pretty close to my bedroom window and I can hear it way down ion the other end of my condo in my living room even with the windows shut. The other problem is my bedroom wall sits out a bit directly next ( sort of like an alcove) to it so it also vibrates the wall. Any ideas? The AC people around here are useless. The constant noise is stressing me big time! They wear ear plugs so they think its not a problem.