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« on: June 27, 2006, 10:08:04 AM »
I think a similar situation was already mentioned, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice from personal experience.

My house is "L" shaped.  The open part of the "L" angles toward the person in my neighborhood who likes to sit in his driveway and blast his music.  To make matters worse, this side of my house has 3 sliding glass doors and 3 regular windows.  There is hardly any wall at all on that side.  Does anyone have advice from personal experience?  We can only have 6 foot fences in our county, so the 8 foot fence is out.  How well would the interior windows work in this situation?


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I have had some personal experience with this.  Our neighbor across the street also thought I wanted to listen to his bass while he washed his car in his driveway.  Turns out there is a pretty effective noise ordiance in my city.  I called the police and they handled the situation favorably.  The police were willing to help me in that particular case however, they aren't as receptive to dealing with the people that drive up and down our street booming their stereos.  The police basically figure if the car/stereo is moving and not sitting in front of our house a problem doesn't exist.  Which is what brought me to this site.  See if I can come up with a way to effectively "soundproof" the front of our house.

Good Luck


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Erika and Mike:

Windows and doors are, by far the 'leakiest' part of the building envelope, not counting gaps and penetrations that were ineffectively sealed up.  Focus on correcting or replacing those elements first.

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Hi Erika,

Sliding glass doors are almost impossible to soundproof in a retrofit way.  They are discussed in the article on "Options in sound control through windows" on the web site.  See discussion after the diagrams at

Interior windows are also discussed in that article.  There are links for replacement windows (most effective) and interior windows.