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Soundproofing an amp room
« on: July 21, 2006, 11:06:49 PM »
We're in the process of building an amp room in our new guitar store in Tel Aviv, Israel. The room is a 15'x6' gallery with 6" concrete walls on all sides. It's suspended above the main floor with concrete pillars and also some cylindrical steel supports. It shares the ceiling and walls with the main store. The ceiling and floor are thick concrete.

We want to make sure the apartment above us is not bothered when we play our 120 watt guitar amps very loudly, and we also don't want the sound from these amps to overwhelm the rest of the store, although some sound leakage into the main store would be acceptable. We've got a very low budget, about $2,000, although labor is a bit cheaper here.

I think the concrete has a good chance of doing the job, but we have to take care of two glaring problems first. There is a 3'x6' rectangular cavity in the front of the gallery and a big open entrance (about 5' wide going up to the ceiling) at the top of the stairs.

We're thinking we should close up the cavity with bricks + plaster or cement blocks, possibly filled with sand. Ideally we'd put two laminated windows here (one in the front of the cavity, one towards the back) but we're concerned that after all that expense, the window will become the weak link.

There is a half wall of 6" concrete that's perpendicular to the back wall which stops about 3' from the front of the gallery and is situated two or three feet to the right of the end of the front wall. We thought to build out a diagonal brick wall to bridge the half wall and the front wall and complete the enclosure. Of course we'd have to build in a door for getting in and out. We're most worried about the door situation.

We'd like to go with a double door approach, but we're not really sure what to use as the doors. We could build them ourselves from plywood or mdf or have them made for us out of iron or steel, or we could use ready made solid wood or steel security doors. We could cover them with heavy vinyl acoustic matting and/or drywall as needed and of course make sure they seal securely to the doorframe when closed.

For ventilation we'd like to have an a/c unit installed, but that opens up a new can of worms. I understand that it's also important to isolate the amps themselves from the floor.

So what do you guys think? Are we on the right track? Any suggestions, criticisms and tips and especially detailed treatment of any of the questions would be great.

-- Josh


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Re: Soundproofing an amp room
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2006, 11:33:30 PM »
hello joshmh,

After you have blocked in all the openings, the only hope you have of soundproofing to the degree you desire on the budget you mention is Green Glue.  We can ship it internationally - 12 tubes per case weighs around 24 lbs.  Applied at 2 tubes/4x8 sheet of drywall will give you 192 sq ft/case @ $175.00 per case.  For info see