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Basement for bands
« on: June 19, 2006, 01:59:18 PM »
I'm a drummer, renting a house for 1-2 years, in which we have a basement I'd like to soundproof for my own practice and practice with bands.

The room I'd like to section off is unfinished concrete, below ground with exposed windows at the top. The room itself has already been sectioned off, and I'l like to use the existing drywall as one of my outer walls, also using two concrete walls, constructing the fourth.

As we are below ground, do I need to float the floor, or do I just need to worry about the ceiling and walls? The house was built in 1958, if this is of any help.

I plan to work with a friend who builds trade show booths, using primarily used materials. I don't really care if it's modular; primarily looking to keep cost minimal and construction fast.

We've already met with most of our neighbors and mentioned that I'm a drummer and plan to soundproof. At this point, my primary concern is isolation of the sound coming up into the house.

I'm fairly new to this, though I've done a bit of background reading, so please feel free to point me to any FAQ topics I may need to review.

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Re: Basement for bands
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2006, 10:35:04 PM »

The type of sound that you are going to be makeing in the basement will be like that of a child blowing up soap bubbles. The sound is going to go in every direction and especially up and out into the surrounding neighborhood. Soundproofing the ceiling with Sound absorbing cotton fibre and Mass Loaded Vinyl barrier materials covered with 5/8" thcik dry wall would be a good start. On the non concrete basement walls a similar treatment , the same as the ceiling would be apppropriate. A good solid door that closes very tight and window treatments would produce a room that would not leak out noises to your neighbors.