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Shop Machinery
« on: August 14, 2006, 04:31:41 PM »

I am building a new house and will have a woodworking shop in the basement.  I am primarily concerned about the noise from my 2hp wall-mounted dust collector, ceiling mounted air filter and my 3hp table saw.  

The shop will be 44' x 28'.  What is recommended for the walls and ceiling?  Is there anything special that should be done for the concrete floor (will contain radiant heat coils)?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Shop Machinery
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Hi mdclor,

For the walls and ceiling use the Super Soundproofing Wall/Ceiling System.  It will give you a 75 STC assembly using standard construction practices.  Here's how it goes: Put bonded cotton insulation up inside the ceiling joists (1.15NRC and 20+STC) to absorb and block sounc inside the ceiling.  Staple 1/8" thick, 1#MLV to bottom of ceiling joists - butt seams at middle of joists, tape with metal seam tape, caulk perimeter where continuous MLV barrier layer meets walls.  Apply Isolation Tape on MLV at joists (this decouples finish drywall panels from structural's) and screw on drywall to joists through iso tape and MLV.  You will need to leave a 1/4" gap at the perimeter where ceiling meets adjoining walls - fill full width of drywall with acoustic caulk (this will keep your nice soundproofi ceiling from becoming a tight drum top -that's what will happen if you tape and hard mud the ceiling/wall corner!).

You may also want to consider using SSP Mat to absorb and block sound inside uipment enclosures.  See info  Also consider using clear vinyl or MLV curtains to block sound at noisy equipment.  See info after ready-made curtains shown at