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Re: my dog fined for barking under door


We have a neighbor next door with a dog that has similar barking behavior to that of your dog. They purchased a bark collar and within three weeks the dog was trained not to bark all of the time.

The neighbors are very happy with the results.

You can get a "Laughing Dog" CD to play to them.

Researcher’s recordings of canine merriment provide comfort to shelter pooches

Animal behaviorist Patricia Simonet had already studied self-recognition in Asian elephants and reconciliation between chimpanzees. But when seeking a new project about five years ago, she looked a little closer to home. “I was sitting there really at a loss for what I wanted to do next with my classroom,” she says. “And I was watching my dogs, and they were making this sound where they were lying on their sides just sort of batting at each other. They weren’t really exerting much energy but they were eheh- ehing all over the place.”

The “eh-eh-eh” noise sounds, to an untrained ear, much like a dog panting. But, she says, it’s more like an expression of joy. And on repeated listens, you can pick up distinctions: The sound that Simonet and others describe as the canine equivalent to laughter is sharper, and the time between sounds is longer.


BJ Nash

Super Soundproofing CEO

To stop sound from going under a door use a tramsom seal (also called a door sweep).  To see how it works go to 
Aren't dogs fun?


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