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Office as Studio
« on: September 06, 2006, 04:51:24 PM »
I am interested in renting an office space to use as a music studio and I'm wondering how much soundproofing I would need to do.  The office is about 23"x14".  The problem is the adjoining offices and tennants.  One office is along one of the 14" walls and the other offices are along the 23" wall.  The remaining two walls face the outside and shouldn't be a problem.  The space is on the ground floor.  You cannot hear any leakage upstairs.  My question is - can I get away with soundproofing the two common walls?  Or will I have to do the cieling and possibly the other two walls as well?  Can I get away with the MLV, some resiliant channels and a new layer of drywall, or will I have to build an entirely new wall?  It doesn't have to be 100% complete isolation, but it should be substantial enough so as not to disturb any other tenants who work there all day.


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Re: Office as Studio
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If their is no way for the sound that you generate has a chance to go up above the ceiling and then float over to other office areas, you may be able to solve your sound problem with sound proofing the two walls that have the other offices in common to them.

The use of mass loaded vinyl and additional layer of dry wall can help do the job.

You may want to look into an additional product called "Green Glue". It can help enhance your sound proofing.