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foam question
« on: September 11, 2006, 06:33:38 PM »
Hey, all!

We recently had a 12x16 room built out in our backyard for band rehearsal.  The walls are made of plywood, and the sound, particularly the bass, can be heard for a good distance away even at reasonable volume levels.  Over the weekend, we bought some soundproofing foam from a guy who was moving, he had enough of it to soundproof (according to him, anyway) a 12 x 12 room.  There's not nearly enough of it to completely cover the walls and the ceiling, but he told us that you didn't have to do that.  My question is, where are the best places to put the foam?  We have a bass amplifier, a guitar amplifier, and drums to deal with.  In additon to hte foam, we have six "bass traps", they look like foam wedges that supposedly go in the corners.

Thanks for your help!



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Re: foam question
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If you can blow air through the foam then it is unlikely that it will do anything to contain the sound within your practice room.  If you squeeze the foam between your thumb and index finger will it compress to the point that you can feel your fingers touching?  If so, you have a lightweight foam, maybe polyurethane, designed to reduce reverberation within the room.

You may need to add density and sound dampening.  Take a look at the Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) barrier spec:

Sound control Wall:

SSP Clip (decoupling)

Green Glue (sound dampening, low frequency):

You will use the foam to adjust the acoustics of your room after you contain the sound.