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Medical Office with Noisy Equipment
« on: December 20, 2006, 08:50:56 AM »

We use noisy equipment in a medical office and need some sound and temperature insulation.  The approach we have been thinking of is to build a box to enclose the noisy equipment (such as the generator box as described).  A few holes will allow the electric cable and other conduits to come in and out.  The enclosed equipment is a vacuum cleaner, an A/C unit (small – portable for a room) and many condensers that need to be refrigerated.  Unfortunately, the condensers make noise as well, but at a level below the vacuum cleaner.  Any insight will help.  We are not that familiar yet with the several foams described and would appreciate directions.

We believe the box should be on 4 wheels.

We also need to sound proof an area of the office because we use another piece of equipment that makes noise, but cannot be enclosed in a box.  We have been thinking of creating panel (4 x 8 feet max) that can be easily hang (hopefully not too heavy).  We will make them as décor item (paint them with colors; drape them with cloth, etc…).  One of the panels has to be hanging from the ceiling to create some sort of secondary ceiling.

Basically, we cannot alter the wall or ceiling of the office, but can hang “frames”.  We do not believe that panels have to be close to each other or we can create several geometries and then alternate them in a way they will be superimposed to avoid “sound passage”.  Imagine having frames on the walls, but they are not touching the wall or hanging from the walls, but the ceiling.  There is space between the frame and the wall so we can hang them slightly angled and create an overlap from one to another panel.  We can also imagine having them partially folded.  These panels can then rest on the floor (Japanese wall?) and you can create any form/decoration one can imagine.

What would be the recommended material in this situation?  Any suggestion/help is appreciated.  Feel free to ask questions as I may be a bit confusing – hopefully not too much!





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Re: Medical Office with Noisy Equipment
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The plan is a good one- Use sound deadening board for the panels, use the material listed at the top of for your absorbent foam to line the panels with.

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