Author Topic: Apartment below me was renovated and I hear all daily noise  (Read 4990 times)


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Apartment below me was renovated and I hear all daily noise
« on: December 25, 2006, 12:58:44 AM »
Hi. The apartment below me, which is the super's apartment, was recently renovated. It's normally a 2 bedroom but he has 2 teen daughters and a young son and so to renovate, they completely tore down two adjacent closets, building a small interior room (that is ultimately temporary), and making the 2nd bedroom smaller. They also renovated bathroom and kitchen and I'm not sure if they took off some of the lathing/plaster etc. This is a 75 year old building which originally had/has very thick walls. He also built sliding door closets in both bedrooms, but again, I'm sure they're ultimately temporary, so not of finest materials.

In any case, I now might as well be living in their apartment. I hear everything and cannot sleep past six or six thirty a.m. most mornings, even weekends, when one or both of his daughters get up, close the trundle bed, and get ready for school. The boy is also very active sometimes and runs and jumps. I hear every closet door opening and closing, even bureau drawers, and music/tv at normal levels. I hear their shower running at a decibel that sounds like mine is running with the door open.

It's basically driving me nuts. He has promised to drop and soundproof the ceiling in the renovated smaller bedroom, but hasn't done it yet. What is the best advice to him as to how to do this to really help eliminate the noise? I'm assuming when the two closets were taken down, a lot of noise-absorbent wall was als otaken down. I don't know what exactly was done in the bathroom (it's nice now, with marble, but they probably tore out all the fixtures and may have removed some insulation down to the original brick, or concrete, I don't know).

I am somewhat astounded at the way the noise is carrying, and carrying UP to me, not down from an upstairs apartment. This is somewhat of a gnarly issue between me and my super. In fact, a few times, I have either dropped a chair on the floor in anger, or stamped my feet in heels a few times. This apparently is SO LOUD that he said, a few months ago, that the dropping chair sounded like a cannonball. Even stomping my feet in heels three times apparently was so loud the other night that his wife supposedly screamed in frustration or anger. Yet I have no good way to communicate to them how bizarrely noisy it is. Admittedly, they're a family of five stuck in what is really a 2 bedroom, and kids and teens are noisy by nature.

Thanks for ANY ADVICE as he promised to soundproof by mid January and I really need the problem solved. I also suggested rugs, and not sure what he's gotten. Management will pay for the soundproofing. I would pay for a rug if needed.