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Loft renovation, sound reduction information requested
« on: January 16, 2007, 04:59:53 AM »
I live in a 1700 sf converted industrial loft space. A group of us bought and converted the building a couple of decades ago. We were very cost-conscious, at the time. I am still cost-conscious, but would like to reduce sound transmission from my neighbors' spaces to mine.

Between ceiling joists

There are 8 massive ceiling joists of old growth white pine (so I'm told) that run the length of my space,  and two beams run the width of the space supporting the joists, on 4 posts. As this is an old building, the precise thickness of the joists, and the precise distances between them can't be trusted to be identical to each other, or perfectly straight, true and regular, or consistent with contemporary building dimensional specifications.

I enjoy the airy feel of a high ceiling, so would rather fit some acoustical material between the joists. The better the fit, the more effective the sound-reduction, I'm sure. I am also confident that a good fit would help reduce dirt that falls from between cracks in the old flooring and sub-flooring, above.

I would like a material which is fire-rated, for the finished surface. I have installed sheetrock walls, and soundboard in walls in other projects, but have never done ceiling work, much less fitted such a rigid material in a horizontal position.

I would like suggestions regarding the kinds of material that would be appropriate, how to measure and install sound-deadening ceilings between the joists.


Most of the loft has wooden flooring. Some of it is in fairly good, sound condition. Some of it is badly aged plywood, some of it is badly aged hardwood floorboards. I need to decide if I should take up and replace the bad flooring, if I should put layers of good material over the bad, or if I should recover all, good and bad, so that all levels of flooring would be equal.

Any improvements that I make will likely improve my neighbors' comfort as well as my own.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or assistance.