Author Topic: Sub-leasing space at Wellness Center  (Read 4698 times)


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Sub-leasing space at Wellness Center
« on: February 08, 2007, 12:34:21 AM »
I practice massage therapy and sub-lease space at a wellness center.  I can clearly hear the chiropractor talking next door and the acupuncturist walks around like a clumsy elephant.  The floors are hardwood, the walls and doors are hallow.  My room also shares a wall with the kitchen/break room, so I hear when people wash dishes in the sink.  I have been told that removing the existing drywall is not an option.  I read about slow rise foam, but I'm understanding that the rigidness of it is ineffective. What about "blown-in " insulation?  Replacing the hallow doors with solid core doors may be a possibility, though I want to be cost-effective.  Please help.


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Re: Sub-leasing space at Wellness Center
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A common problem- soundproofing a wall:


See the yellow box at the top of the home page for links to other subjects like soundproofing doors...

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