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Where to soundproof in a loft condo
« on: March 13, 2007, 06:22:45 AM »
ok, I have a strategy for soundproofing, but now I need to know where to actually do the soundproofing. I'm going to try to describe this as best I can and any feedback would be helpful.

I live in a duplex loft. I'm on the top floor so I have nobody who lives over me except, technically, me, since my bedroom is on the second level.

I have neighbors downstairs, but the ceilings are 12-feet high and they live in a duplex that goes downstairs, so their bedroom is another flight down - probably a total of about 25 feet below me.

The living room is right next to the windows, which take up the entire 12 foot wall.

My stereo system - Usher x-719s ( will be placed in the living room. I've putting them on speaker stands that are going to be filled with sand and on top of a marble pillar, like so:

Now here's where it gets a little bit tricky:

Behind the stereo system is the party wall. To the right of the stereo system is the aforementioned window. Now to the left is the bathroom, which is below the stairs. The bathroom and stairs form a walled box that protrudes from the party wall by about five feet. It looks a bit like this, with # being the location of the speakers:

|-------- door ---------
|      wall to exit 12'
|      Wall 25' (goes upstairs)
|      ----------------|
|      -------|           |
|          |   stairs      |
|  wall A|   above  &  |
|    12'  |   Bath        |Party Wall B
|       dor  below       |   25' (goes upstairs)
|         -------------|
|             wall C 12'  |
|                 #        |Party Wall D (part of Wall B, but divided by Wall C and the ceiling)
|                           |   12'
|<-Party Wall          |
|    12'                   |
|                 #        |
        Windows 12'

So my question is, should I soundproof Wall A and Wall C despite them not being party walls because they're the two walls immediately blocking the speakers, or should I soundproof Party Wall B because it's a party wall, despite the fact that it's behind walls A and C? I know the idea answer is probably "both", but that's a bit out of budget unless it's essential. We are talking about a 25' party wall, here. :)

i don't know if walls A and C have studs in them, but I can certainly soundproof both sides of Wall A since I have access to both sides of it, if that will help your recommendation any.

Also, will I need to soundproof the floors and ceiling, given the description I wrote about both  in the beginning? Will I need to do anything with the windows?

Thanks for the help in advance!