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Author Topic: Coming up with a soundproofing war plan. Need some guidance  (Read 5262 times)


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Coming up with a soundproofing war plan. Need some guidance
« on: March 10, 2007, 11:32:55 PM »

OK, I've been researching this for weeks and weeks, and rather than getting more clarity, I'm more confused than before, but I think I have a brilliant strategy that I will call, creatively, "The Kitchen Sink plan".

Here's the background:

Just moved into a condo last month. Duplex converted warehouse loft. 12' high ceilings. I'm on the top floor so I have no neighbors over me, but I have them under me, to the right and to the left.

The ceilings on the lower level of my condo are made of wood, but everything else is drywall.

The floors are hardwood, but I don't know what's under it.

The walls are PAPER thin, even though they shouldn't be. There are two sheets of 5/8" drywall, followed by some kind of asbestos-like insulation, followed by a metal stud (don't know the size of it - I drilled a hole out of curiosity to see what was inside, but I'm not allowed to tear down the wall), followed by two sheets of 5/8" drywall on the neighbor's side.

Despite that level of drywall -a total of four sheets, I can still hear everything from telephone conversations to sneezes, to doors opening and closing. I listened to an entire episode of Oprah the other day.

But I'm not designing this to keep sound out - I frankly don't care how loud my neighbors get. I'm doing this to keep sound IN. You see, I really want to get a high end stereo system, but I know that if I can hear people talking in the next room over that there's no way a stereo system is going to fly, and I don't want to get fined $500 per infraction.

The only restriction is that I am not allowed to tear down any of the existing walls. But I can mass load to my hearts content. I don't care about price and I don't care about losing space. I care about being able to play my music at volumes I want to (which isn't full blast), without having to be paranoid about getting bills slipped under my door.

The challenge always seems to be stopping the bass noise, and I'm going to have that in abundance. Trust me!

So after weeks of research, I've come up with this game plan. The problem is that I'm not sure how much of it is redundant, unnecessary, or impossible given my restrictions.

1. Plug up all existing holes on drywall

2. Load foam/cellulose (like k-13) into the structure.

3. Put a layer of green glue/quiet glue on top of the drywall

4. Use either furry channel or RC-1 channel into existing metal stud (can RC-1 channel be secured to the stud through an existing drywall and green glue through the cellulose?)

5. Put a layer of soundproofing foam mat (sold here at!) over the green glue

6. Put a layer of green glue over the soundproofing foam mat

7. Put a layer of QuietRock 530 5/8" on top of the green glue (yes, I know how much QuietRock costs)

8. Paint a soundproofing paint like Silent Running Liquid soundproofing on top of the Quiet Rock ( to eliminate the vibration from the bass when it hits the walls.

9. Put the speakers on top of a mass-loaded stand on top of a stone pedestal. Maybe throw a coat or something on there, too, to stop the vibration.

I figure that would cost about 3-4 inches from each wall? Do you have any recommendations? Any tweaking? Will all of those steps help, or are they unnecessary for what I want to do?

Also, a couple of other questions:

1. I live in a loft, so there aren't really very many enclosed walls. Can I get away with loading up the walls directly to the back and the front of the stereo system, or do I have to go all the way and soundproof EVERY wall to keep noise from escaping and finding the non-soundproofed walls?

2. Do I need to soundproof the ceiling, despite the fact that the only thing above it is my bedroom, to prevent sound from escaping through the ceiling and going off to the side of an unprotected wall on the second level?

3. Will I have to remove the cabinets and stove/dishwasher, etc. to put the soundproofing stuff there, too, or will these items provide enough soundproofing of their own to make that unnecessary? They're probably about 20 feet in front and 10 feet to the side of the speakers.

4. If so, can I skimp out on some of the soundproofing material in areas out of the immediate range of the stereo system? Or will sound always find the weakest link and exploit it, making all of the hardcore soundproofing meaningless?

I know that's a lot to ask, but I'm really desperate to give my neighbors some peace...and to give me some peace, too.



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Re: Coming up with a soundproofing war plan. Need some guidance
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2007, 01:56:33 AM »

Wouldn't a kick-ass pair of headphones be infinitely cheaper than what you're planning to do???