Author Topic: Building a Soundproof wall/screen or something of the sort  (Read 4326 times)


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Building a Soundproof wall/screen or something of the sort
« on: March 29, 2007, 05:31:59 AM »

I live in a 3 level townhouse...
In the basement, there's a large room (about 14 W by 17 L) with a walk out sunroom. (along the long side of the room)
When I got my PA sound system, (I have it maybe playing around half power, testing out vocals, hooking up laptop etc) my friend told me he could hear me clearly as he was walking in from outside.  So I say to that... uh oh.  I am certain it's the fact there is a 10' by 7' opening (imagine a doorless opening) that leads into the sunroom (which is roughly a foot longer then the opening on each side, and 5' deep) made mostly out of glass (duh) that's letting the sound passing through so freely.  (even if it's just vocal sounds) 

So I am thinking of building a light portable wall that I can stand up when I am playing around with the PA system, and I can easily take down.  (at least that'll be something to block the sound right?)  My idea would be something similar to the Excercise mats (remember gym class?)  You have basically different panels, and you can fold it up when you are done with it. 

Now I need to figure out what materials can I use that's cheap and effective enough to build these panels?
I was thinking of using the natural cotton fiber (they are relatively cheap) glue/cement it to wood? should be thick enough so that it stands alright on it's own etc...   

So basically need to build a portable stand alone wall out of something cheap to cover up that BIG opening.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!