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rented house noise problem
« on: April 17, 2007, 01:53:58 PM »

I am student who lives in a rental house, and has been experiencing some noise problems for the past year or so coming from the upstairs laundry unit. Basically, I live on the bottom level, and there are several tenants on the top level. This isn't the real problem. the problem is that there is an upstairs side entrance to the house, which is also where the entrance to the laundry room is located directly above my room. when the clothes washer/dryer or other small appliances are turned on, the noise becomes loud directly above my bed. all appliances are located in a small room with tile floors. Unfortunately  I can not alter the ceiling in my room, as it is owned by the university I attend, and am stuck here until graduation as it is an 18 month lease. being that the appliances are located on a tile floor, is there any sound material I could lay on the floor, and under the appliances to help dampen the noise? any recommendations or help would be very helpful and most needed to help me get some sleep, and peace and quiet. thanks in advance for any help. have  agreat day



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Re: rented house noise problem
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You can buy vibration isolator pads right here, on this site.  Call the phone number above.