Author Topic: Want to build a band practice 'shed' - GREEN GLUE ????  (Read 6358 times)


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Want to build a band practice 'shed' - GREEN GLUE ????
« on: May 08, 2007, 11:38:28 PM »

First I know a lot of people have asked same question but Im starting from scratch and have a few twists....

I want to build a 16' X 30' shed in my backyard for a practice room for my drums and my band. I plan on building it without windows. I plan on using concrete block to build the walls. The floor will be concrete. I may even pour the ceiling at 10' from concrete also (I used to be a concrete contractor)

I am also looking into GREEN GLUE ??? Maybe I can build a framed shed and rock the inside with this method of sandwich construction.  Is GREEN GLUE better than MLV ?? It sounds to me IF green Glue works it is better ???

I am open for suggestions, advice and help from those who know what they are doing ....   =)

Does anyone know how much sound a solid block room would alow to escape in layman terms ? I dont want my neigbor to hear a thing above a voice level from 50-60 feet away....and I play LOUD LOUD ....

I should also add I want to do whatever I can inside the room to make it sound good for recording reasons....

Now the issue ove air in and out and cooling....... gee,//////
Thanks guys....


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Re: Want to build a band practice 'shed' - GREEN GLUE ????
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2007, 12:52:56 AM »

I just bought 2 case of Green Glue....will start my project next week. Now I'm not an acoustical expert by any means....but from all the research that I did (lookin' at various Forums, talking in person to acoustical sales people) the GG is the "cheapest" and easiest way to go. But if money is no concern (thats what it sounds like)....I would suggest Both MLV and GG. There are lots of posts in this forum of people that had success with both.

Good luck with your build.

and...please keep us posted on your progress/success.


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Re: Want to build a band practice 'shed' - GREEN GLUE ????
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2007, 09:52:08 PM »
Concrete contractor, huh?  That should come in handy in this case. 

I'd recommend forgetting the Green Glue or MLV.  If you build the entire structure from concrete (filling the conc. block walls and getting a couple layers of paint on the exterior) and build an isolated inner wood frame structure, insulated, with 2 layers of drywall, you could easily achieve an STC 70+, with excellent low-frequency performance as well.  If you played at 110 dB, the exterior noise would be 40 dB (approximately).  I think that should be quiet enough for the neighbors. 

Adding Green Glue or MLV won't make the tiniest dent in an enclosure with an already high STC like that. 

You can achieve very good soundproofing just using common materials found at your local home improvement store.

Keep in mind the door will be the weak point.  It might be a good idea to frame up a 'sound lock' - basically two doors with good seals.  Good luck with the ventilation issues.  That will be tricky.