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Plans for my basement
« on: July 06, 2007, 01:46:54 AM »
Forget about the living room or the family room somehow my basement became the gathering place at my house and it can get loud with 5-6 people and the HT system.  My plan is to tear out the drop ceiling, insulation, the sheetrock on one main wall and replace the door. I feel that the ceiling is my #1 target because with the HT surround sound  you can hear every single little thing in the living room which is directly above this part of the basement. 

Total room size is 13x20

- Ceiling -
Once all the old stuff is removed ill caulk every crevice with soundaway caulk
Add UltraTouch insulation everywhere, at least R-19 R-21 if I can find it online
Add 1/8 Volara foam directly over top the insulation, which will be attached to the joists
IF im still not happy ill add 4" 2lb density pyramid foam panels across the whole ceiling

- The wall -
3/4 of the walls are sheetrock, studs, cinder blocks then solid dirt since its underground and I don't know if you guys recommend re-doing those walls as well and im only really focusing on one wall which leads to the rest of the house.
Remove sheetrock and insulation, replace with UltraTouch insulation and wrap electrical outlets in QuietPutty, put up new layer of drywall then cover wall in soundaway caulk and add a second layer of sheetrock to the interior of the room.
Current door is some sad early 70's incredibly thin extra hollow door and will be replaced with some random home depo\lowes solid core door and I want to use some of the volara foam on both sides of it, I don't know how ill attach it but I'm not against drilling through and using bolts and big washers to hold it on (ill call it my hellrasier door)

Bass is not a problem because I just unhook the sub at night from everything ive read online I think it would make a significant difference in sound transmission from the basement to the rest of the house but id like to hear peoples actual opinion who have experience.