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Basement double wall and ceiling questions
« on: July 14, 2007, 11:06:27 PM »
(sorry if this is duplicated - it gave me an error on the first attempt)

I am going to be using a 9 x 13 room for an office and am trying to reduce the sound coming in.

Two walls (north and west) are concrete blocks and brick with two small windows and I am satisfied with the noise level coming in from there.

South and East Walls are currently 2x4 studs insulated with 5/8" drywall. The South wall is against the stairwell (and laundry room) so I am PLANNING on adding a double wall to reduce the vibration from the stairwell.  I don't know what i am supposed to put between the two walls - air or other?
Here's the plan - please let me know if there are any better options (around the same price range) ...
--outside of office-----------------------------------------------
existing: stairwell
existing: 2x4 studs (w/fiberglass insulation)
existing: 5/8" drywall
<< ??? some sort of air gap or other???>>
5/8" drywall
2x4 studs (w/fiberglass insulation)
5/8" drywall
--inside of office-----------------------------------------------

additionally the noise from upstairs on the hardwood floors is loud.. so i am PLANNING on the following - let me know if there are better options (around the same price range):

--upstairs of office-----------------------------------------------
existing: oak hardwood flooring
existing: tongue/groove underlayment
existing: floor joists
SSP channel mounts
1 7/16" green tape
5/8" drywall
--inside of office-----------------------------------------------

Any advice is helpful as i would like to place my order for materials this week (hopefully).



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Re: Basement double wall and ceiling questions
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2007, 09:54:03 PM »
Usually, double walls are built with a 1" gap between them.  It's better to not have any drywall in the finished wall cavity.  If you tore off the 5/8" layer that will end up inside, it will improve performance versus leaving it in place.  And if you really want a quiet space, double up the drywall - keeping it all on the outside of the cavity.

Your plan for the ceiling will give good results, but (broken record) doubling up the drywall will be better..... 

I guess it's not critical.  Try your soundproofing with one layer and if you're not happy, add another later.