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MLV Installers Connecticut
« on: July 17, 2007, 12:37:42 PM »
I have been reading some old posts for the last couple days and have a couple questions.

I own two condos in a converted apartment building built in the early 60s. I originally owned the 3rd floor unit and purchased the second floor unit directly under it so I could have some more control of the neighbors and the noise they create. Now I would like to install better soundproofing between the two units. However I do not want to spend to much money because it is a very inexpensive area with 80% of the units used as rental properties.

The sound problems appear to be mostly structural. You can hear every single footstep above and bass travels through the floor/ceiling as if they were not there. Normal conversation can be heard but not clearly understood.

It seems that the easiest thing to do is install a MLV underlay under new carpet on the top floor.
However I an willing to consider resilliant channels ceilings if I could find a contractor that I was confident would do the job correctly.

So I am looking for a little advice on how effective MLV underlay will be for impact noise and how I would go about finding an installer that has experience with installing the underlay or the ceilings. Of course any other opinions and feedback are also welcome.

Both units are identical two bedroom floor plans the are 899sf. As far as I know there is no installation between floors and there is a cement slab between them but I do not know how thick it is.

Thanks for great site.