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Tin Garage, Concrete floors
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:35:50 AM »

I have a 25' x 12' garage 2x4 walls.  All open rafters non-insulated at this point and a concrete floor.  I will be installing a home theater center into this space and have read and heard many different Scenario's on how to sound proof, from putting in wood floors to carry the base and using quiet ock with sound/fire suppression insulation.  As I live in the north country where winters are -40 for weeks on end, I have to insulate and heat this area.  From the floor, ceiling and walls.  Please I am looking for solid guidance to make the man's room..I mean "entertainment" room a solid place to listen to explosive T.V



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Re: Tin Garage, Concrete floors
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See Soundproofing a Garage at

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