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Soundproofing a basement - Recording Studio
« on: July 27, 2007, 07:39:30 PM »

I am in the process of reviewing my options to soundproof a basement ceiling. The basement is both a suite and one room will be a recording studio. We have had a contractor visit and he will be supplying a quote for installing QuiteRock 530 over the existing drywall. The basement is completely finished, i.e. drywall, plumbing, electrical, and the persons belongings and furniture are in the basement. The previous owner attempted to soundproof, using resilient channel and 3" pink insulation. This is not nearly enough soundproofing for our needs.  As well, the resilient channel may not have been installed properly, we would not know unless the ceiling is completely removed. The hot and cold water pipes are also noisy when the taps or dishwasher is on.

Another issue is that the ducting may be connected between floors. The ducts feeding the basement may also be feeding the floor above. I will be confirming this very soon. If the ducts are connected, and we go ahead with soundproofing the ceiling, and leave the ducts as is, the though is that sound will travel through the ducts between the basement and floor above, negating all the effort and cost.

The basement, and rest of the house, is heated by forced air.

1) Install QuietRock 530 (5/8" thick) over existing ceiling. Install new Resilient Channel perpendicular to the existing Resilient channel (i.e. in-line with the joists). With this option, the ducting (if connected between floors), will be the "weak point", and all the money and time spent will be negated because of the connected ducts.

2) Completely remove the existing ceiling, the resilient channel, and the pink insulation. Install Roxul Safe 'n' Sound insulation between joists (3” thick), re-run all HVAC ducts to isolate, wrap all plumbing with closed-cell pipe insulation. Install new resilient channel or SSP Drywall Mounting Clips and one thickness of QuietRock 530 drywall.

I have read a little about Mass Loaded Vinyl. I saw one type being glued to the back of the drywall sheets – probably the easiest type to install – but I didn’t bookmark the webpage. Others suggest placing it in the ceiling cavity. I really don’t know enough about Mass Loaded Vinyl, but if anyone has info on this, I would appreciate it.

I am in need of assistance, because I want to do this right from the start, to keep costs down, and avoid re-work later.

Thank You