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Practice room sound leakage problem?!?
« on: August 06, 2007, 05:55:17 PM »
Hello all; I have read alot of the posts on here and there is some great information that has pointed me in alot of good directions. I have tested my practice area and I seem to be getting sound leakage in an area I least expected it! I am hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. Let me explain my situation.

I am in a small single family house. We are practicing in the basement. The house is single level, but the front of the house, the basement is 80% below ground, and at the back of the house the basement is at ground level attached to the garage. There are two single garages that surround the basement. One on the back of the basement, and one on the left of the basement. The right wall is still about 80% below ground with small window, and the front of the basement is the front of the house with no windows. I tested the amount of soundproofing by setting up the drum kit (which I figured is a good test bed; i.e. has a wide range of frequencies) and having a drummer play and walking around outside. As I suspected, the sides with the garages have little sound leakage which is good because those are the closest proximity to other houses. The side with the window was pretty noticable as expected, however, I was suprised to find that the front of the house seemed to leak the most sound!! All the walls in the basement are concrete, and there is only one door at floor level leading to the garage, the other door at the top of the stairs leading to the house.

My first guess was maybe there was some sort of air leak at the top of the foundation that was sending the sound out the front, but then i realized that the ceiling isn't insulated at all. So I can see all the beams and the floor of the living room above me. My guess is that the sound is leaking up through the house and out the living room (which is on the front of the house with a large picture window)?

Now my question would be, what would be the best (and cheapest) way to sound proof this basement. The goal here is mostly to keep the neighbors from complaining. I have already sealed the one window in the basement with two layers of foam, and that works well, but I think the next biggest area would be the ceiling. I have styrofoam panels that I could put on the ceiling; would that be effective? or is there a better alternative? Any suggestions would be appreciated! I feel like the two garages really help isolate the sound, and I am lucky on that note, but I need to figure out why most of the sound is leaking out the front! Thanks in advance!



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Re: Practice room sound leakage problem?!?
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2007, 02:01:30 AM »
The first rule of soundproofing: Deal with the sound as close to the source as possible.  The would mean in the basement at the ceiling that seems to be passing the most sound.
Second rule of soundproofing: Put something between the source and the target.  The direct path.
I would tack MLV to the bottom of the joists, (Styrofoam is proved to be worthless).

The door and the window above are definately passing sound, but if you lower it down near the source, it will be greatly minimized..

BJ Nash