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Soundproofing a duplex with cinderblock shared wall
« on: September 24, 2007, 07:23:56 PM »
My wife and I recently purchased a side-by-side duplex, we are currently living in one side and renting the other. There is a cinderblock wall separating both sides, which has been smoothed with possibly plaster and painted. There are 2 bedrooms, which border each other (the cinderblock wall separating them).

The previous tenants were usually loud talkers at night, and their radio alarm clock would wake us up in the mornings (they used the sleep feature liberally), and it became very annoying. I have never heard their TV, washer, dryer, etc. that are in other rooms, only when we are both in the bedrooms that are opposite each other and our heads are next to the wall (the head of both of our beds was up against the same wall).

I would like to quiet down the sound as much as possible without sacrificing too much space, for both our sanity and the sanity of new tenants - we have a baby on the way. I was thinking of fastening furring strips to the wall with hard foam insulation between the gaps, fastening drywall to that , green glue, then another layer of drywall. Would this be effective? 

It is a common, above-ground cinderblock wall so I don't know if I need to worry about moisture, but I'm new to this so any advice would be much appreciated.