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Hi Chaps, newb here
« on: November 22, 2007, 03:51:25 PM »
Hello all, ill just start by introducing myself :) im jay and i want to sound proof my car against road noise.

seems like a pretty active forum here, ive had a bit of a search but cant really find what im looking for.. maybe you chaps can help

Ive had the idea of using some sort of bitumin/mastic roof sealer type paint, and applying it to all of the panels in the car,  around the wheel arches, floorpan, footwells where the wishbones join the chassis, maybe even a couple of sheets of lead however i dont want to add to much weight :) it will be inside the car by choice.

i found this....
which i think may be of some use, i guess adding a kilo of dense mass to each large panel, which are currently pretty bare (its a european ford) should reduce the road noise quite a bit?

what do you guys think? hope you dont mind this being my first post, but generaly if i get into something ill post worthwhile information to others once ive done it :) so may be of some use to the forum yet lol...



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Re: Hi Chaps, newb here
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2007, 12:15:32 AM »
I think it will probably work.  Do a test first; get yourself a piece of sheet metal and test how loud the sound is when you hit it, then coat one side with the adhesive, let it dry and test it again.  As long as the sealer is flexible and will stand up to the weather, I think it will make an effective vibration dampening agent.