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Author Topic: SOUNDPROOFING HUGE WINDOWS: Noise is Killing Me!  (Read 5572 times)


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« on: November 22, 2007, 03:20:44 AM »

Hello Folks,

Hope you are having a good day.

I do have a question for you.

Here is the size of my window:

2.6 m (H) x 3.1 m (W) [~ 8.6 ' x 10.2 ']

The window is in the middle of this frame. There is a 5 cms [2"] to the end of the frame both from outside and inside.

This frame covers almost all the wall from top to down from side to side... There is about only 20 cms [8"] from all sides to the end of the wall. The window is divided into .... well... take a look at this and i hope you can understand better. I have no idea why they came up with a window like this to cover the entire wall... It is 6-7 years building.

I cant seem to put a bigger image. So here it is in full size:

This is an underdeveloped country... Noise is no concern to anybody... And I am sick and tired of fighting with shop owners to shut down their a/c's which just happen to be under my house. Apparently some of these sleep in their shops at nights so A/cs are on 24/7 which is a pain. Well, this is no issue. It is illegal to sleep in shops/offices, I can take care of these people if need be but the problem is... every day some new source of noise is being introduced to the equation as soon as I manage to shut down some other one (for example, I had the municipality remove the exhaust pipe from a restaurant which was like 110 dbs at the source). As machines are aging, their noise output is increasing also... I spent considerable amounts of money on my computer to make it 0 db (everything including the psu is watercooled, and fans removed from the watercooling radiator). But these noises... are just killing me.

Now, apart from these... there is a low hum of a motor/pump/generator that originates from 5-6 buildings away... I spent so much time and i could not find the source of this noise.

Soundproof material is hard to find here... Only thing i could find was some crappy insulation material (black in the widows) that did nothing to decrease the sound output. Apparently, it is some sort of Rubber Foam used for fireproofing I guess... Besides, this black turned the house into a cave. I need a torch to see around even during the daytime and it messed up all my timings. I cant figure out if it is 3 am or 3 pm!

What I am thinking:

Is it possible to install some sort of glass (glass materials are abundant here) and I think I can find some plexiglass or acrylic over the entire outer rim of the frame... the install the same thing over the internal end of the frame... leaving only one window to open for fresh air?

So here how it is:

5 cms air
Existing window glass
5 cms air

Is there anything particular I should choose? Do I need to get the thickest size of glass available? Plexiglass? Acrylic? Laminated glass? Which is the best?

And how can i go about the only window that I want to leave open? It is a sliding window and i cant make it thicker from inside or outside more than 1 cms. I can just stick another glass over that 1 cms gap increasing its size by 2 cms.

I work from home. Please help as i am losing my mind.

Thank you in advance for your time.



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« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2007, 06:49:49 PM »

Wow, Maria
If you use glass, use a laminated glass.  Acrylic in 1/4" or 3/8" (3/8" is best - no need to go thicker) works well. you don't want it to "yellow" from the sun so make sure it is UV Stabilized if you can find it where you are.  Here is a link which discusses an interior mounting system called "MagnetSeal" - it is very effective -  The framing and self-adhesive magnetic tape goes all around the entire perimeter of the window frame and acrylic panel.  The weight of the acrylic is supported by the window frame.