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Finishing/Soundproofing basement
« on: May 08, 2001, 02:18:16 AM »
I am getting close to begin finishing my basement.  I will have one fairly large theater room and want it as sound proof as I can get.  I plan to do 2 layers of sheetrock (5/8") with a 3/4"-1" dead air space between them.  Should I just sheetrock as normal then attach furings to the original rock & put on my 2nd layer of sheetrock?  Will it do any good to put a layer of styrofoam panels between the outer later (cieling) of sheetrock & the floor to the upper level?  Last question, 1 of the walls of the room is an exterior wall so it has tons of fiberglass insulation (Minnesota), should I still go with a double layer of sheetrock on this wall or is it not necessary?  Any products you would recommend for this type of project?  Thanks for all you help.